Sunday, November 30, 2008

Its Christmas Time...Oh Ho, Ho, Ho

I just finished a whirlwind shopping trip with my MIL. I haven't been in our small sorta local mall in probably 5 years. I usually do all of my Christmas shopping online, but she convinced me to go with her today. We had a blast, especially at the Aeropostle? store. They got my vote for the best at customer help. I mean I am pitiful at shopping, so I walk in and find a store clerk and handcuff them to me until I am done. The young lady that helped me shop for my granddaughters was absolutely wonderful. So if you want a great shopping experience, go to Aeropostle.

On the other side of the coin, the worse store we visited was Limited Too. First of all, the sale items were not marked down very much and second of all, who pays $60 for jeans for a size 6 twig 6 year old? NO SALE ON THESE JEANS!! No help from the salespeople, My MIL and I were on our own. I could not find anything that didn't require a loan, so I was just going to get the pack of Mentos and pink headband. Standing in line behind a woman who kept going on and on and on about the store in Chattanooga having this and doing that and on and on....I almost walked. This is why I shop online, to avoid people like this that really needs to have their butts kicked for making people stand in line with their feet killing them.
But my MIL came to the rescue by finding the $60 jean look alike on the sale table and it was on. I spent a fortune in that store and all I got was more stupid Limited Too Bucks, at least at Aerospotle I got 3, count'em 3 free Teddy Bears with the cutest red and white striped hat on. So, if you want my advise, go to Aerospotle if you are shopping impaired like me. You might even learn how to spell it!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

And The Winner Is....

Not Me.

I was asked by my good friend Sandra at work, You know she is a great person just by her name! Anyway, she asked me to carve a pumpkin for her work area. She wanted our company name on it and that was all. So, me being the Great Pumpkin carver that I am, said I would. Below is the result of my wonderful imagination! It was a beautiful pumpkin and was The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

According to Sandra, everyone thought it was beautiful and prompted a pumpkin carving contest. Several people entered. I had to enter a picture of my Great Pumpkin because it started caving in on itself, and a certain someone decided to recycle it by throwing it in the moat that surrounds the factory!

Pictures do not do justice to the Great Pumpkin. I think that is why I came in Third! Third! I am not bitter, really. It was just a little contest, we all won candy and ribbons. No..I am not bitter at all. Really...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Hallows Eve

This little fellow is the newest member of the Cuckle Burr
family. He is about 3 months old. He is injoying his first swim
in the families antique claw foot tub. I dont think he cares that
its an antique, he only cares that it is wet!

These two superheros were the first ever trick or treaters to brave
the horrors of the Cuckle Burr Patch road. But they made it through
with smiles to share!