Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What the....

What is up with this.....

...and this??

It is nearly November and I have Clematis blooming and two, count em, two broody hens! The only reason this mama....

abanadoned her nest is because of two very randy roosters. Just wouldn't leave her alone, always got to be getting some. I think I see a pattern here! AND...I think I will end on that note.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Tomorrow...Hawaiian Time!

I'm passing on showing you more of what and who are keeping me
soooo busy, to show off some of my little buddies. These guys
keep me sane and when I have a bad day, I can always count
on them to make me feel better.

Now, for the biiig shoooe...drum roll please.....

This is Dingo. She is a blue heeler and likes to keep all the
other buddies in check. She is a herding dog and she likes to
herd the grandkids, cats, chickies and guineas. She also likes to charge the cat buddies and just give them a roll across the grass. She can also be very loving to them and likes to receive kitty kisses and give out loving licks of her own. And, unfortunately,
she loves to roll on dead and stinky things, ode Dingo perfume!

BB and Tiger. After being herded by Dingo, they take a much needed

This is Oscar. This is one biggggg cat. His head is the size of a softball! He is all muscle and takes nothing off of anybody. Only cat that Dingo hasn't been able to subdue. Can you say Hisssss my

Felix grabbing a quick snack before Oscar whips his butt.

Oh look! Tiger woke up and wants to go for a ride.

Emmie, my little dainty cat. She is the guardian of the washer and dryer. Dingo considers her a nice little ball of fur to lick on.
Kinda like a furry popcicle!

One of my bob tail babies. This is Pooh Bear. He has no tail and the best looking mane in the Burr Patch! He is lady candy...ah yeah.

Well, that is part of the critters that I love and adore, and they reciprocate the feelings in multiple ways. At night, I can always count on at least three of my kitties to sleep somewhere on my body. Who needs a comforter! Cat fur rules and is considered a condiment in our house. Tomorrow, remember Hawaiian time, I will introduce you to some more of my psychiatrists. I do have issues, just ask my family!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gone So Long

For all of you that have been holding your breath waiting for my return, I am back! I have been so busy with life here in the Cuckle Burr Patch, that by the time I'm done with all I have to do, I am just done for and sit around like a zombie.

Now I am going to show you part one of what has been going on around here. This is in addition to all the critters I already had to take care of!

First I decided that I needed some more babies. So I got the incubator out and loaded it with lots of eggs.

After three weeks of checking temperature and humidity and rolling eggs like the mama hens.....The pipping began.

Struggling to break free.

The hatching happens fast, and after they dry, you can play and pet them. They can go two days without food and water, which is what happens when you order chicks thru the mail. After they are dry I like to get them started immediately with water spiked with electrolytes and a pinch of sugar. It's kind of like Gatorade for peeps and gives them a boost.

This is the result of playing mama chicken!

A few weeks later, they have developed their feathers and colors!

Also during this same time period, I got 15 pheasant chicks. I dont have pics of them when they were no bigger than a jacks ball, but if you look real close in the pic below, you will see some of them. They are very illusive. We have them in our high tunnel and before we could move them, we had to make the tunnel secure.

They seem to be quite content and have made little hidey holes all thru the grass and weeds.

Well that's it for part one. The next installment will be tomorrow, so stay tuned for part deux!